Eastern Region Men’s Fellowship                    

Fellowship:  the condition or relation of being a fellow:  friendly relationship; community of interest, feeling, etc., an association of persons having similar tastes, interests, etc.

The Eastern Region Men’s Fellowship Committee is the results of a vision by Director, Filmore F. Gregory during our 49th Annual Conference in Hartford, CT during February of 2006.

The dream became reality as Bro. Lawrence A. Wright was appointed as Chairman of the Men’s Fellowship Committee and was charged with developing the purpose, goals and objectives of the Committee.

The Men’s Fellowship Committee was formed to encourage greater participation of males as Ushers and increase their attendance at Regional Conferences, Mid-Year Meetings and State Memorial Weekends, as well as find areas of common interest when the men come together.  The Committee also serves as a vehicle for these men to serve as mentors to the Young Adult and Junior Ushers.  Additionally, it provides an avenue for the men to fellowship with these young male Ushers in group settings, thereby serving as role models for them.

Some of our activities entailed a presentation dealing with Living Wills and health issues related to men; a pizza party brainstorming session on ways to increase the ranks of male Ushers, as well as a bowling fellowship outing.  A highlight for Men’s Fellowship occurred in the Mile High City of Denver during our 88th National Convention where a meeting of over 30 males representing the Junior, Young Adult and Senior departments took place.

The Denver meeting was an opportunity for the Senior Ushers to speak with the younger Ushers about ushering and about male life experiences in general.  We listened to and responded to their thoughts and concerns.  This developed into a very good dialogue and translated into new and lasting relationships since we decided to stay in contact throughout the convention and beyond.

At our 2008 National Convention in Jacksonville, Florida, the dialogue between the Men’s Fellowship members and the Junior male Ushers continued during the Juniors’ Rap Session.  The Rap Session was facilitated by Men’s Fellowship Chairman, Bro. Lawrence A. Wright.  Bro. William Northern of Virginia introduced the young men to Fantasy Football and had approximately 20 of those in attendance sign up for the competition.  It was a good fellowship meeting and a great time in sharing views on different subjects.  In addition to Bro. Northern, Bro. David A. Fuller (MD), Bro. Louis Chappell(NY) and Deacon James Griffin(NY) participated in the Rap Session.  Bro. Filmore F. Gregory and Bro. Oneal Fields of New York were also in attendance.

We are pleased with our evolution thus far and are looking forward to other activities in the future.  Thank you to Eastern Region Director, Filmore F. Gregory, for your vision and entrusting me with the task of making the idea a reality.  I especially want to thank all of the male Ushers, young and seasoned for attending our activities and I look forward to seeing you at the next event.

In Christian Service,

Bro. Lawrence A. Wright, Chairman