Young Adult Department

Jasmine Savage
Young Adult Director

A Historical Glimpse

The department wa organized in July 1967 on a temporary basis in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, under the great leadership of the late president Leroy Johnson.  It functioned on a trial basis in the city of Chicago, Illinois in 1968, and became a permanent department of our Golden Convention in Philadelphis, Pennsylvania, in July 1969, during the administration of the late president Raymond A. Smith.


 Requirements:  The individual must be a member of his/her church usher board, local and state and ages 21 - 35.


Alberta Jones
First Young Adult National President
President Emertius



To unite all Young Adults in the United States, who are ushers of the Christian Churches, regardless of denominational affiliation, race or creed, into one grand organization.  To close the generation gap between our Junior and Senior Departments.  To promote the religious, mutual and social relationship among members.