Eastern Region Church Ushers Association

Our 64th Eastern Region Conference is weeks away.  Contact your State President for registration information.
Second Zoom training scheduled for Saturday, March 13th at 10:00 a.m.  Contact your State President for the login information.
Updates for the next few conferences are as follows:

63rd Eastern Region Conference:  October 16-17, 2020, Wilmington, DE - Canceled due to COVID-19 Pandemic

64th Eastern Region Conference: March 20, 2021 - Virtual Conference: Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

65th Eastern Region Conference:  March 18-19, 2022, Bethesda, MD - (Washington, District of Columbia & Vicinity, Inc. Host)

Eastern Region Honoree


Linda Parker

Eastern Region Honorees


Since 1998, at our annual conference, we honor individuals of our organization who have helped move, lead and guide us forward.  Click here to see a pictorial history of previous honorees. At our 2019 conference in March we honored five more worthy servants: Gloria Johnson (PA), Leslie Tatum (MA), Cheryl D. Allen (VA), W. Ruth Beckham (NY) and Gerald Hill, Sr. (MD). 

Although the 2020 conference was canceled, these dedicated and diligent ushers are still worthy of acknowledgement and will be honored during the Eastern Region 2021 Virtual Conference.  Please congratulate our Honorees:  Linda Parker (MD), Darleissa Robertson (DE), Ramona Rogers (MA), Dolores Wallace (DC) and Eunice Wise (DC).  If you would like to send a gift of love to any of the honorees, please contact your State President for detailed information.


Education Department Outreach Project


The announcement of the Eastern Region Education Department Outreach Project is forthcoming.
Officer Nominations

Information regarding nominations forms for Eastern Region elected positions, as well as National endorsements, are available from your State President. Deadline for submission of all pertinent forms was February 13th.  Contact Sister Jeannette Riddick at jeannette.riddick@gmail.com with any questions.