State Presidents and Memorial Services of the Eastern Region

If your church ushers ministry is located in one of the states shown on the left and you would like more detailed information about us, would like to attend a meeting, request an ushers training workshop, and/or would like to join us, please feel free to contact the appropriate State President, our Eastern Region Director or Assistant Director.

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Connecticut                 President Hattie M. Roberts

Delaware                      President Carol Norman

District of Columbia   President Brenda Gilliam

Maryland                      President Julia A. Kitchen

Massachusetts            President Willie B. Maxwell

New Jersey                   President Bryan London

New York                      President Janice Nibbs   

Pennsylvania               President Pamela Saunders

Rhode Island               President Diane Straker  

Virginia                         President Cheryl D. Allen

Pictorial List of State Presidents

        Donna A.W. Hines

  Eastern Region Director

4th Vice President, NUCUAA

Ronald L Jones.jpg

             Ronald L. Jones

Eastern Region Assistant Director

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic changes have been made to the schedule of State Memorial Weekends.  Updates will be posted once the information is received.  Thank you for your prayers, support, and understanding.

Eastern Region Memorial Weekends

ICUA of Delaware

Memorial Weekend was canceled.

ICUA of New England

Memorial Weekend was canceled.

ICUA of Maryland

Virtual Memorial Service, September 26, 2021

2:30 PM ~ Zoom information forthcoming

In Memory

ronnie darlene anderson round 2021_edited.png
Sister Ronnie Darlene Anderson
Central Region Director and
2nd Vice President,
National United Church Ushers Association of America, Inc.
Ollie Bennett.jpg
Sister Ollie Bennett
Sister Christine E. Ford
Washington, District of Columbia
Sister Annette Reid
New York